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HoneyComb - Word Building Game

Similar to Scrabble in concept, except this game takes place in a hexagonal grid! This game presents some interesting challenges.

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Learning To Play HoneyComb

Administrator's Note: Because most games we play (Scrabble, Word Searches, Cross Words, Quote Puzzler, etc) are built on a rectangular grid, the hexagonal grid in this game requires you to create new strategies. It may take a while to get the hang of this way of thinking!

The object of this game is to build high scoring words in the hexagonal grid, using the 15 letters and the 3 "wild cards" in your tray. Here is a sample game:

To move a tile from your bin to the grid, click and drag the tile to the location on the grid where you want to drop it. Remove tiles from the grid in the same way.

Words can be formed in any of the six directions possible in a hexagonal grid. Words do not have to intersect other words; however, the more times your words intersect, the more times the letters will be counted. Wild Cards (question marks) may be used to represent any letter, and they do not have to represent the same letter in each word.

In the example to the right, the question mark could represent an A or an I to make the words FAST or FIST. Similarly, it might represent an S, an N or a T to spell the words SO, ON or TO in the other direction. This is a valid construction, and when your solution is submitted, both F?ST and ?O will receive points.

As you add words to the grid, they are displayed in the rectangular box on the right. They are displayed both forward and backward, along with a point value. Initially each word you post to the grid is colored red, and shows a negative point value. If you believe the letters you placed form a real word, click on the word once. The background will turn white, and the score will change to a positive number. If you believe the word you have created is also a word when read backward, click the word again. The background will turn green, and the score will double. This will help you to keep an "approximate" score. Of course, when you submit your solution, each of your words will be verified against the Enable2K dictionary, so your actual score might not match your estimated score.

There are several command buttons available for use in this game, as listed below.

  • Start Over - Clear the grid, and place all tiles back in the bin.
  • Store (A, B, C) - There are three "memory" slots to store a game setup. This allows you to create a solution, store it, and try different possibilities without losing your original solution.
  • Recall (A, B, C) - These buttons appear after you have stored a solution, allowing you to return to your previously saved solution
  • Save My Work - This option stores your current solution (plus any stored solutions) on the Quote Puzzler server. This allows you to close the window and return to your game later in the day.
  • Submit - Submit your solution to be graded.


Points are scored as follows: letters which are part of a word count at their point value, unless they are on a blue space, in which case they count double. Words which are four letters or more are awarded 5 bonus points for each letter past the third letter. Words which are valid in either direction are counted twice. (For example, SPAM and MAPS are both words, and so would be counted twice). Similarly, ST?P and P?TS are both valid constructions, and would be counted twice.

Please note that the score shown on the puzzle page is not necessarily your actual score; The score is based on whether you think the words are valid. When you submit your solution, your words will be compared against the Enable2K dictionary, and scored appropriately.

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