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An online game of scrambled quotations and words.
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Triplet Scramble - Unscramble The Phrase

Triplet Scramble requires you to take "trios" of letters and rearrange them so they spell out a famous quotation.

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Learning To Play Triplet Scramble

A famous quotation has been divided into groups of letters, with three consecutive letters in each group. These groups have been scrambled. Your job is to unscramble them. Here is a sample puzzle:

To unscramble the quotation, grab a group with the mouse and drag it to a different location in the grid, then drop it in place. Look for letter combinations that might fit together to make a word. For example, in the puzzle shown above, you might notice that it is possible to make the word love several times. Also, you might notice that "ai" and "n't" would fit together to make ain't. After dragging the groups around, your puzzle might look like this:

At any time, you can check your work by clicking "Submit". When you click Submit, take note of any letters which are highlighted yellow. These yellow letters indicate consecutive groups whose letters fit properly placed relative to one another. Be sparing in your use of the "Submit" button, since you lose points each time you check your work!

In addition to finding words, you must also figure out the proper sequence of words. Rearrange the groups until the entire sequence makes sense.

Scoring: The scoring is primarily based on the amount of time it takes to solve the puzzle. You start with 1000 points, and lose a point at a rate of one point per second. You are also penalized each time you submit an incorrect solution.

Important Advice

Please take note of the following example. In this quote, every group of letters is highlighted yellow, but the solution is not correct.

The actual quotation is "So I can't live either without or with you.", so the tile "OUT" is actually in the wrong place. Either place "OUT" goes, it is after "ITH" and before "_YO", so it is highlighted yellow, even though the entire quotation is not correct.

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