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Virtu Software
Lost Your Way?
It appears that you have lost your way in the massive and nearly incomprensible array of resources available through Virtu Software's website. Perhaps, having lost your way, you may find one of the following resources to be of some comfort and assistance in your time of need.

ChordMaker - Create Chord-And-Lyric sheet music. Great for any musician.

PentoMania - Virtu Software's original Pentomino software, loved by children everywhere.

Ask Doug - Get answers to questions on a wide variety of subjects.

The Anti Spam Site - Our oldest and most popular resource for people frustrated with spam.

Project Hymnbook - Music forum for sharing chords and lyrics of non-copyright songs.

Let Me Out Of Here!
Or perhaps you are feeling a strong urge to escape this site altogether. In which case, may we recommend one of the following sites?

Fifteen Minutes Of Fiction - A great place for people who want to share their writing with the world.

Quote Puzzler - Fresh daily word games and puzzles every day of the year.

Tile Puzzler - Get hooked on Pentomino Puzzles with our online version of PentoMania

The Problem Site - A dizzying collection of word games, math games, brainteasers, and more!

Amateur Hikers - Get information about a mountain, or tell others about your hiking adventures!