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Posted Mar 16, 2019 at 11:36 AM
As some of you are already aware, Adobe's Flash Player (on which this site's games are built) is scheduled for obsolescence in 2020. Many web browsers are getting a jump on this scheduled obsolescence and are already providing warning notices for those who use Flash. How your particular web browser handles this will vary. One scenario is that your browser prompts you to load flash every time you play a game. The best-case scenario is that it prompts you once per session, which means that if you start each session by playing an archive game, you can play the daily games without interruption. Right now, Google Chrome functions like this, so you might want to download and use this browser for now.

However, this is a short-term solution, as many browsers intend to stop supporting Flash this year (as early as this summer).

A couple years ago we started developing a non-flash version of the site (which some of you have played with). However, that version had to be abandoned for a variety of reasons, and a new version was begun this winter.

Will it be ready before Flash goes the way of the dinosaurs? Probably NOT. Which means that this site may temporarily shut down. So here is the plan for our subscribers.

Option One
You continue playing until it is no longer feasible to play, and then you may send an email to admin@quote-puzzler.com and request a pro-rated refund of your remaining subscription. That refund will be given with no questions asked. Refunds will be based on 365 days from the last time you renewed your subscription.

Option Two
Within the next couple months, we will have several of the games online in a temporary location (address TBA) so you can start playing there. If you have an active subscription now or had an active subscription at any point during 2019, you will be given a login to the temporary site, which you may use FREE until such time as the new version is complete and online. Once the new version is live to the public, as an expression of our appreciation for you sticking with us through this transition, we will award each of you one full year subscription for free, starting from the date the new site goes live.

Current Status
The game engine has been built, and three games (Secret Word, X-Words and Ant-Words) have already been re-built and are being tested. These games will be accessible to both mobile and desktop devices.

Secret Word will have a new twist – it will be playable with words that have repeated letters. This is not true of the current Secret Word game, which results in a very limited vocabulary of secret words; if you ever noticed that the words started repeating after a couple years, that’s why. The new version won’t have that limitation.

Obviously, it is our hope that you’ll stick with us through the transition. I’ve received many comments from subscribers about how much you love the games and how much you’ll miss them if they go away. Those comments have been heard and taken seriously!

Hi. This is Doug, the evil dictator site administrator.
Posted Mar 20, 2019 at 3:06 AM
For anyone who is on facebook, you can find some sample screenshots of what the new games will look like. Here's a sample: Quote Puzzler Screenshot

Hi. This is Doug, the evil dictator site administrator.
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