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An online game of scrambled quotations and words.
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Quote Puzzler!

Quote Puzzler is a pile of fun every day of the year! You won't want to miss the addictive puzzles on this site. Click here to Join The Site!

What's All The Fuss About?

"One of the coolest things about these games is that each requires a different brain-stretch."

"...a nice way to start the morning."

"I have to make sure that I have no distractions or anything when I play Top Letters, because it gets to be a VERY intense four minutes."

"These puzzles are a great way to wake up the brain."

"I love this site and I appreciate the breadth of skills that are employed in the various games."

A Fibonacci Poem

and delight,
at times exhaust me.
Many restless nights they've cost me."

Great Lengths

How far would you go to do the daily puzzles?

[while away on business] "I'm...at the Day's Inn - I always stay here because they have wireless, so I can still do the puzzle."

"When I say that I am off to do my puzzles ... all the family also stay up the other end of the house. We have had a few "harsh" words some evenings."

"I do these puzzles first thing in the morning at work, and if someone comes by in the middle of them, I send them away!"

"Well, it turns out the Portland Public Library has an open Wireless connection, and if you park in the street across from the Bus Station, next to the Library, you can get a signal. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do the puzzles today, as our hotel does not have a wireless connection."
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