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An online game of scrambled quotations and words.
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Scrambled Word - Find The Scrambled Word

Take one letter from each of the five rows and columns to spell a word.

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Learning To Play Scrambled Word

The object of this game is to guess the computer's word, using the letters in a five by five array of letters. The letters of the computer's word are scrambled in that array, with one letter of the word in each column, and one letter of the word in each row. As you begin the game, you will see the following:

At the top you see the five rows and columns containing 25 letters. Below that is the space where your guesses will go. Directly under that is the "Check Solution" button, which you will use to submit a guess.

To move a letter from the array to the guess area, simply click on a letter. Remember, once you guess a letter, you cannot guess any other letters from that row or column.

Once you guess a letter, the screen will look something like this:

Notice that the letter clicked now has a circle around it, to remind you which letter you clicked. Also, all the letters in the same row or the same column as the letter clicked have now turned yellow. This is to remind you that you cannot use any of these letters. The letter clicked now appears in the appropriate space in the guess area.

If you decide your guess is not correct, you can move the letter back to the array by clicking on the circled space. Each time you do this, you will lose 25 points.

Whenever you click "Check", every letter which is in your guess area will be verified. If a letter is incorrect, you will be penalized 25 points, and the incorrect letter will be removed from the game. If a letter is correct it will turn a light teal color. If all the letters are correct, you will see a new screen showing your stats for the game, and your score.

But Beware... Notice that in the picture shown here, the puzzle solver has all but one letter in place, and apparently cannot complete the puzzle. What is going on here? The solver has selected an "S" from the last column, but has chosen the wrong "S". The game reports that "S" is correct, but does not indicate that it is the wrong "S". If the solver then clicks the "S" again, it will open up the "H" in the third column. Then, using the other "S" in the last column, the word "ACHES" is completed.

As you play the game, points are deducted from your score based on the amount of time it takes you to solve the puzzle.

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