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In And Out - Guess The Phrase

An unusual variation on Hangman that requires you to guess letters not in the phrase whenever you make a mistake.

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Learning To Play In And Out

In And Out is a game somewhat similar to Hangman, but with a very interesting twist.

At the top of the game window you will see a series of boxes, representing the phrase you must guess. Below that, under the word "IN", you see a green box with all the letters from A to Z. Simply click on a letter you think is IN the phrase. If you guess correctly, the letter will appear in the boxes above, as shown below:

You can then guess another letter you think is in the word. The game continues like this until you guess a letter which is not in the phrase. At this point, the green box turns red, and slides to the "OUT" side of the game window:

At this point, you are required to guess a letter which you think is NOT in the word. If you are incorrect, the box stays on the "OUT" side of the screen, and you lose each points each time you guess incorrectly.

Once you have guessed a letter which is not in the phrase, the box turns green again, and slides to the "IN" side of the game window, and you can resume guessing letters you think are in the phrase.

Eventually, you will have enough letters in place that you can guess the phrase. Simply type it in the space below and click "Submit".

Your score is based on the following factors:
  1. How long (time) it takes you to solve the puzzle
  2. How many turns it takes to guess the puzzle
  3. How many times you incorrectly guessed an "OUT" word
Please note that the number of points you receive for a correct letter is higher at the beginning of the game, so if you think a letter may appear several times in the phrase, it's a good idea to guess that letter early in the game!
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