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Top Letters - Build High Scoring Words

Use the given letters to create up to four words, building words with the highest point values.

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Learning To Play Top Letters

This game is fairly simple. You have a set of letters to work with at the bottom of the game board. Drag these letters into the rows above in order to spell out words (one word per row). The letter point values are not the same point values as used in Scrabble and Word Builder. The point values change from day to day, and sometimes even within the puzzle. For example, if you have two E's, one of them might be worth one point, and the other worth five points!

Letters placed in the top row will have their value multiplied by four. Letters in the second row will be multiplied by three, letters in the third row multiplied by two, and letters in the fourth row count for their displayed value.

The scores displayed on the left hand side are the current scores for each row, and the total score is at the bottom. The displayed score is based on the assumption that you are placing real words in each row. When you submit your solution, the words will be checked against the Enable2k dictionary (the same dictionary used by Word Builder). You will receive points for real words, but will not be penalized for invalid words.

There is a four minute time limit on this puzzle. Solvers who finish the puzzle in less than 4 minutes will receive bonus points for time remaining.

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