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Word Builder - Build High Scoring Words

In this Scrabble-like game, place letters on the game board to create high scoring words.

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Learning To Play Word Builder

The object of the game is to use the 12 letters in the player's tray to form words on the play grid. The game is not timed; it is finished when the player uses all twelve tiles, or has played as many tiles as possible.

To place a letter in the grid, click and drag the letter onto a blank space in the playing field.

All words placed on the grid must intersect a word already in place on the grid. The first word is given for you. If you place any letters in such a way that they do not touch letters already on the board, the "Submit" button disappears, preventing you from submitting your solution.

Each lettered tile is worth points, with common letters (such as a, e, s, etc.) being worth one point, and uncommon letters being worth more. The point values of the letters are the same as the point values assigned to letters in Scrabble. To find the point value of a letter, simply hover over a letter in your tray, and the value of that tile will appear in a yellow square to the left of the tray.

If a letter is placed in the play grid on a blue square, it counts for twice the point value. If a word is placed in such a way that one of its letters is on a pink square, the entire word counts double. If a word is placed in such a way that two of its letters fall on a pink square, the entire word counts quadruple.

Bonus squares (blue and pink squares) can be used more than once, if two words intersect on the bonus square.

Words must read from left to right, or from top to bottom. However, if the word also reads from right to left, or from bottom to top, it will count for double point value. Example: If you place the word STOP on the grid, it also forms the word POTS (backwards), so you receive double point value.

An "approximate" score is shown, based on the assumption that all your letters are placed in valid positions, but not including the possibility of backwards words. When you click the "Submit" button, your solution will be graded by the computer, based on the ENABLE2K dictionary, which is available online.

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