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X-Words - Arrange The Missing Letters

Given a list of five 5 letter words, with some letters removed, determine where those letters must be placed.

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Learning To Play X-Words

The computer has selected five words, each containing five letters. The computer displays these words for you with a few letters missing. These letters appear in scrambled order on the right-hand side of the puzzle screen.

Your job is to figure out which scrambled letters go in each blank space, to create five horizontal words. When you think you know where a letter goes, click and drag it to the right spot with the mouse, and then release it. If you change your mind later, you can return the letter to the right by dragging it back, or by dragging it on top of any other letter and dropping it.

The image to the right shows a partially solved puzzle. There is only one accepted solution for each puzzle. If you place all nine letters correctly, you will see a "Congratulations" message, and then the screen will display your standings in the high score list. If your letters are not placed correctly, you will see a message telling you your solution is not correct.

If you can't figure out the puzzle, you may click "I Give Up". You will be given a zero score for the day, and the solution will be displayed for you.

Your score is based entirely on how fast you solve the puzzle.

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