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Game Timers for Builder Games

Ever since the games were created, the Word Builder and HoneyComb games have had a small but passionate player base.

Why do these games have a small player base? Largely it's because there is no time limit on the game, so people who really love the game will come back several times throughout the day to tweak their solutions. The game was designed to be played that way, but the result was that people who had very little time to spend on the game could never win any stars.

In the new version of the games, you have the option of adding a timer to the game. Visit your Profile Page and you will see checkboxes for timers. These timers allow you to play HoneyComb and Word Builder for speed.

If you complete either of these games in less than four minutes, you will be eligible for a star based on how you do against other speed players.

If the timer reaches 4:00, and you have not yet submitted your solution, the timer disappears. At this point you are competing against the "die hards", so you might as well take your time and create the best solution you possibly can.

If you are one of the players who enjoys coming back to the site throughout the day to tweak your solution, this change has absolutely no effect on you!
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