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An online game of scrambled quotations and words.
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Quote Puzzler Version Two

One of the goals in redesigning the Quote Puzzler site was to simplify. Another was to streamline. Overall, the primary hope is that this new version will be easier for users to navigate. As with any changes, there will always be some changes that you like, and some that you don't like.

All along the way, various members have given feedback about what they do and do not like about the new site. The result is a site which, I believe, you will thoroughly enjoy!

Scoring Changes

Some of the games are scored differently now than they were in the previous version of the site. The primary difference is that instead of being "penalized" for the amount of time elapsed, on most games you are "rewarded" for finishing quickly. In fact, the difference is primarily a psychological one; whether you receive a penalty for solving it slowly, or a reward for solving it quickly, the end result is the same when you compare your score to other's scores. However, the result is that we feel quite satisfied at receiving a bonus, instead of frustrated at being penalized. Thus, the new version is more enjoyable to play.

The Quote Puzzler game no longer gives an "extra" bonus to people who solve the puzzle quickly. You still get more points for solving it quickly, but you will no longer receive an end-of-the-day bonus for being one of the fastest solvers. This second speed bonus gave the speedy solvers far too much of an advantage over the accurate solvers.

Game Changes

The game which has the most significant changes is Word Builder. The new version of the game has bonus squares placed in different locations each day, and slightly different rules and scoring. Be sure to check the game page for details.

In And Out has also changed. The new version of the game is graphically more pleasant, and more responsive. Read the game page for differences in the game play and scoring.

Another game which has slightly changed is the X-Words game. The difference here is that there is no longer an "I Give Up" button. Why? Because now when you complete a configuration, the game gives you feedback about letters in the correct/incorrect locations. The fact that the game gives you feedback allows you to zero in on the solution, so you never need to give up.

All three of the Builder Games now have the Dictionary incorporated directly into the game window, which makes it much easier to access.

Timed Builder Games

When you visit your Profile page, you will see checkboxes to add a timer to HoneyComb and Word Builder. If you check these boxes, you will see a timer counting up toward 4:00 on the games. Click here for more information on this timer.

New Game

Yes, there is a new game on the site! Be sure to visit the Speed Phrase page for more information on this fun new game!

Forum Changes

The forum looks different, but is mostly the same. The primary difference is that you can now visit the forum before finishing the puzzles. However, you still cannot visit the "Quotations and Puzzles" section of the forum until you are finished solving for the day.

Changes For Non-Subscribers

If you're not a subscriber, you will notice a couple significant differences. First, you will not receive the same puzzles as the subscribers. You will receive yesterday's puzzles. Consequently, the scoring will be finished by the time you see the puzzle, and your scores will not appear in high score lists. You still will see those lists, and the site will tell you where you would have placed.


There are no longer two levels of subscription. Purchase of subscription allows you access not just to the Word Games and Phrase Games, but also the Builder Games, the Dictionary, and the Quote Puzzler Archive.


The system of rewards has changed significantly. The new system is designed to "spread the wealth" around a bit more. It is possible to earn many more Puzzler Stars in the daily puzzles now. Also, several people will be "Weekly" and "Monthly" winners, and although the awards aren't as big, you aren't limited on the number of times you can win per year.

Finally, something which appears to be an addition, but actually is not; we now have Yearly Prizes, which is what used to be called a Monthly Prize. The designation has been changed because now the selection of Yearly Winners is done manually by the site administrator, and may include factors other than monthly scores on the Quote Puzzler game.

The most significant difference between the old reward system and the new one is this: with the old system, as more people joined the site, each member's chances of winning decreased. This is not the case with the new system. In fact, the number of stars you earn each day may increase as more people join.

Consider the Builder games (for example, the HoneyComb Game). Currently only a handful of people play this game. Let's say five people play this game each day. At the very most, four stars will be awarded for this game. Now compare this to Quote Puzzler, which has about fifty daily players. With this game, over sixty stars will be awarded each day; this is an average of more than one star per player, which is a significant increase over any of the Builder Games.

Thus, while in the old version of the game you might have been leary of inviting people to join, for fear they would take your stars, on the new version, "the more the merrier" really is true!
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